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Specializing in fax lists, fax list hygiene and fax list area code updates.

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New Products and Services
  • Business to Business Mailing/Phone Lists
  • Business to Consumer Mailing/Phone Lists
  • Fax to Mail
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • E-mail Broadcasting


Phone: 800-320-5112
Fax: 800-992-5130
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Fax List Rental

Our lists are:

  • Frequently updated
  • Customized to meet your needs
  • Over 7.4 Million Numbers
  • Businesses throughout the United States & Canada

List Hygiene Service

Recipients that have asked to be taken off our various lists are purged daily. If you would like us to "clean" your list, give us a call. There is no charge for this process. We ask that you provide us with any "Do Not Fax" numbers you may have.

Area Code Updates

Our lists are always updated to reflect area code updates. If your list is in need of area code updating, give us a call. We’ll charge you a low $10/1,000 for this process.



Select by State, City, Zip Code, Area Code, or Telephone Exchange.


Select by Business Type, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Job Title, Contact Name.


FaxVantage lists are frequently updated and 100% guaranteed.


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